Neck Pain Treatment Fareham

From a dull ache to sharp stabbing sensations, there are lots of different types of neck pain and just as many causes. That’s why we tailor our care to suit each individual.

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Don’t suffer any longer

Whether you know exactly what’s causing your pain or not, we’ll help to identify the reason for it and provide a care plan that fits in with your life. Typically, neck pain is caused by: 


  • Poor mobility 
  • Bad posture
  • Arthritis 
  • A trapped nerve
  • Sports injury
  • An accident 


You can experience neck pain at any age and it can affect the nerves, soft tissues and neck muscles so it’s important that you understand the cause before trying to treat it.

Treatment for neck pain

Lots of patients come to us feeling disheartened and exhausted from being in pain. The truth is, it can soon take its toll on other areas of our body – as well as our mental health. 


If you’ve been suffering from neck pain, you’ll be pleased to hear that we’ve helped hundreds of people to get their life back on track though. Even those that have struggled for years have found respite at Life Effect.

What to expect

During your initial examination, we’ll assess your neck as well as other joints and muscles. We may carry out some neurological or orthopedic tests and even send you for an x-ray on-site.


With a full assessment completed and diagnosis in hand, we can then advise on the next steps. This can include exercises for you to complete in your own time as well as chiropractic adjustments. 


Every care plan is personalised to you and doesn’t just focus on alleviating the current pain and problem, but also preventing it from recurring in the future. We’ll also listen to you and ensure that you get what you want from your care. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

The treatment itself usually won’t hurt but if you’re suffering with neck pain you may feel tender at some points. We will do our best to make sure you are comfortable.

Yes, we’ll prescribe some targeted exercises to be completed at home. We will also give you guidance on what to do between visits to help speed up your recovery.

 Yes, it’s important that you don’t sleep on your front or twist your neck when you’re in bed. Some patients find using a thin pillow instead of a thicker one helps too but we can discuss this at our assessment.

Some patients suffering with neck pain will require an x-ray but this can be conducted on-site as we have digital imaging facilities.

The first consultation usually takes between 30-40 minutes.

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