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Restoring Health, Improving Lives

What we do

Our integrated, committed team at Life Effect Chiropractic always focuses on what YOU want to achieve from your care. For some it is pain relief, but for most it is more than that.

We often find that our clients want to return to a level of health that they have lost OR to prevent further deterioration of an issue, because of the impact that it has (or could have) on their life.

The impact we call
Life Effect
“Life Effect Chiropractic promotes each individual’s responsibility for their own health and well-being”

Common reasons for visiting the clinic

  • Sciatica
  • Joint Pain
  • MOT/Check Up
  • Muscle Pain and/or spasm
  • Sports Injuries
  • Second opinion
  • Improve performance (sporting/athletic)
  • Back and Neck Pain
  • Inability to Relax
  • Headaches and Migraines
  • Maintenance and preventative care
  • Mobility/flexibility
  • Shoulder Pain / Dysfunction


Although not ‘treated’ directly, we commonly see Life Effects related to:


  • Increase mobility/fitness/be more active
  • Improve mood, well-being & quality of life
  • Take less medication and/or avoid surgery
  • Sleep better & increase energy
  • Work better, more effectively and with improved focus
  • Spend more quality time with family

Pregnant women, babies and children

Our Chiropractors are also trained to work with pregnant women, babies and children. We can offer safe, gentle care for relief of discomfort during pregnancy as well as treatment suitable for children and babies.

“As the twig is bent, so grows the tree” – early influences can have a powerful, permanent effect on our children. Chiropractic care can be a positive step to a healthy life ahead.

“Focusing on what you want to achieve in your life (Life Effect) acts as motivation to reach your health potential.”


[Life Effect Chiropractic] has really had a positive impact on my life and I’ve noticed such a difference with being able to get my life back on track. I am now able to walk the dog, play with the kids and enjoy life without my back holding me back. I would recommend the clinic to anyone who is considering getting assistance, awesome service in a local practice. Thank you! 

My health and movement has improved so much in the few months, it’s scary to think back to how restricted my movement was when I first went to visit them. The whole process from the very first appointment, the adjustments to progress appointments is so smooth and easy…The staff are all so lovely, welcoming and patient that I always look forward to my visits with them! 

[Because of Chiropractic care], I have been able to do activities without suffering so much pain. I have been able to do cross stitch and crochet (which I hadn’t been able to do for about 10 years). I feel more grounded in myself. I couldn’t have been more ‘unsure’ about seeking help, initially cancelling my first appointment, but with encouragement, kindness and professionalism I have no regrets, only thanks to the team for giving me an area of my life back!

Thank you for your calm, quiet, patient approach, which made an initially scary new experience a breeze. I have hobbled in and walked out tall! 

Because of Chiropractic care, I have better posture, much better sleep, much more able to move my joints including being able to turn my neck, and I am less stressed out! My friends and family say I am like a new person and much happier. I do not need as much help from my colleagues for the physical aspects of my job anymore. If I drop a pen I can actually bend to pick it up! My whole life has changed for the better. 

Life Effect are very welcoming and lovely people who put you at ease and it could change your life in a very positive way!