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At Life Effect Chiropractic, we’ll help you to regain control of your life with a range of solutions for spine, nerve and joint pain.

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What we do

Our integrated, committed team at Life Effect Chiropractic always focuses on what YOU want to achieve from your care. For some, it is pain relief, but for most, it is more than that.

We often find that clients want to return to a level of health that they have lost OR to prevent further deterioration of an issue, because of the impact that it has (or could have) on their life. 

The impact we call..

Life Effect

“Life Effect Chiropractic promotes each individual’s responsibility for their own health and well-being”

How can we help?


Struggling with pain in your leg or lower back? You may have sciatica. Our chiropractic techniques can help to release the trapped nerve feeling and get you on your feet again.

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Neck Issues

You don’t need to shrug off neck pain or stiffness. Our team of experts can advise on a plan to rebalance the interaction between your muscles, joints and discs.


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Back Pain

Back problems can be debilitating but there’s plenty of quick and easy treatments that have no downtime afterwards.


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Headaches & Migraines

These can be caused by a number of factors including posture. We’ll carry out a full body assessment before recommending bespoke treatment.

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Disc Problems

Pain in your back, neck, arm, leg or pelvis? It could be caused by one of 23 discs. A quick x-ray can help us to get to the cause of this though.

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Joint Pain

From sports injuries to the way you sit, stand and walk, our team can support your joints to strengthen and repair while building them up for the future.

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Why visit Life Effect?

Why use a chiropractor?

Pregnant women, babies and children

Pregnancy can be hugely stressful for your body but we are here to help. Our team is trained in safe, gentle and effective chiropractic techniques that are ideal for new and expectant mothers. These can also be used on children and young babies, as well as those children suffering with sports injuries. 

Locations we operate

Fareham, Portsmouth, Southampton, Gosport, Whiteley, Stubbington, Warsash, Titchfield, Bursledon, Portchester, Hedge End

“Focusing on what you want to achieve in your life (Life Effect) acts as motivation to reach your health potential.”


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